The White Desert of Egypt, known as Sahara el Beyda, is a place of surreal beauty located in the Farafra depression, part of Egypt’s Western Desert. It’s famed for its white chalk rock formations sculpted by the forces of wind and sand erosion over centuries. It is not just a natural wonder but also a cultural treasure, offering insights into the Bedouin way of life that has persisted for centuries. Whether you’re an adventurer, a nature lover, or a cultural enthusiast, the White Desert of Egypt promises an experience that’s as enriching as it is breathtaking.


Key Sites to Visit in The White Desert of Egypt



  • The Mushroom and Chicken Rock Formations: These iconic shapes are a must-see, resembling giant mushrooms and pebbles scattered across the landscape.
  • Crystal Mountain: A ridge of sparkling quartz crystals that glint under the sun.
  • Aqabat: A region within the desert known for its towering cliffs and unique rock formations.
  • The black desert: volcano-shaped mounds that are spread across approximately 30 kilometers in the Western Desert. 


The Black Desert 


The Black Desert in Egypt is a unique and captivating region, known for its dark, volcano-shaped mounds that are spread across approximately 30 kilometers in the Western Desert. It’s situated between the White Desert of Egypt to the south and the Bahariya Oasis to the north. Visiting the Black Desert offers a chance to witness a landscape that’s starkly different from the usual sandy dunes one might expect in a desert. It’s a place where geology tells the story of time, and where visitors can feel the raw power of Earth’s natural processes.

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Camping Experience


The White Desert of Egypt is approximately 401 kilometers from Cairo, which translates to about a 4-5 hour drive depending on the route and traffic conditions. But if you are an adventure traveller you will enjoy camping in the White Desert of Egypt as an unforgettable experience. Where you’ll spend the night under the stars surrounded by the desert’s ethereal formations, often with a Bedouin guide who shares stories and insights into the desert life.


Bedouin Culture


The Bedouins of the White Desert of Egypt are known for their resilience and deep connection to the land. Their culture is rich with traditions, including music, poetry, and dance. They have a profound understanding of the desert environment, which is reflected in their way of life and traditional knowledge of herbal medicine and desert plants.

Traditional Bedouin dishes are a reflection of the nomadic lifestyle and the resources available in the desert environment. Here are some of the most notable dishes:

  • Mandi: Originating from Yemen, Mandi is a flavorful dish made with meat or chicken and rice, cooked over charcoal in a hole dug in the ground.
  • Madfoon: Similar to Mandi, Madfoon is also cooked in an underground hole but is distinguished by its marination and cooking technique.
  • Mazbi (Chicken): This dish features stone-grilled chicken served with aromatic rice.


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Here’s what makes the Black Desert special:


  • Volcanic Landscape: The desert’s characteristic black color comes from the basalt sills that cap most of its mounds. This is the result of ancient volcanic activity in the area.
  • Geological Diversity: The mounds vary in size, composition, and shape. Some are dark, consisting of iron quartzite, while others are more reddish, with surface rocks made of iron sandstone.
  • Paleobiology: Fossilized remains of shrubs and woodlands have been found in the Black Desert, indicating that plants once grew there.
  • Natural Reserve: The discovery of a large dinosaur skeleton on its borders led to the Black Desert being declared a natural reserve in 2010.


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